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About Lucky building

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Siam Steel International Public Company Limited

“LUCKY” Hi-tech Building System is manufactured by Siam Steel International Public Company Limited which is the affiliated company of Siam Steel Group. Siam Steel Group was founded since 1953 and has operated under the international joint-venture basis involving in 5 product categories :-

  1. Construction materials group
  2. Industrial goods group
  3. Vehicle group
  4. Furniture group
  5. Service group

At present (2006), Siam Steel Group is comprised of 23 companies and the total annual turnover of the group is one billion USD.

Siam Steel International Public Company Limited, the listed company on the Stock Exchange of Thailand which was found in 1953, is the leading manufacturer of steel products including steel furniture under the trademark “LUCKY”, “King-Dom”, “Okamura”, “Chitose”, “Pilot” and “LUCKY” Hi-tech Building System. Apart from the quality approval from Thai and other international standard institutes, the Company has attained ISO 9001,ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO/IEC 17025 Certificates and was approved to use the Green Label, CSR - DIW and Thailand’s Brand Logo. This implies the strong intention of the Company in continuously develop the quality system including care about environment and social responsibility.

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